Hey guys. I am a bit sick right now and taking bed rest. So, thought I should check you guys out!! What are you up to?? How is life? If you are feeling like a shit-bag like me, than please accept this huge hug from me, "Just hang in there, mate.. It will get better..."... Continue Reading →


The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton (Review Copy)

Synopsis: For the twelve daughters of King Alberto, Queen Laurelia's death is a disaster beyond losing a mother. The king decides his daughters must be kept safe at all costs, and for the girls, those costs include their lessons, their possessions, and most importantly, their freedom. But the sisters, especially the eldest, Princess Frida, will... Continue Reading →

Inkling by Kenneth Oppel (Review Copy)

Sometimes Middle-Grade books can be such an eye opener, can't they? Huh! Inkling is such an book with a lot of laughter, a little sadness that had your throat tightened and a bunch of little innocences. Just one page, Inkling told himself. I really liked the plot. It was innovative and sweet. The story had... Continue Reading →

Hey everyone!!! Today is the last day of February, and I can't believe that 2 months already gone off this year!!! Time definitely flies!! However.. Its the time for a mini flashback!!! This past month I had a terrible readers block. And only managed to finish two books. *sigh* Books I've Read..   Book Name:... Continue Reading →

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